Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Omigod, what have I done?

Mac-bashing was fun. It's a Playskool machine. Macs are great - and then you can move on to a computer. Couldn't imagine what would possess someone to have Mac envy until... until...

I was trying to do stuff like edit DV video on my XP machine but... Adapters weren't quite right. Software crashed. It took forever to render... I just wanted to edit a little movie. Meanwhile my Mac-buddies were just, you know, getting that kind of stuff done. AND THEY AREN'T EVEN THAT SMART. And I've noticed a lot of PC rats jumping the S.S. XP and becoming Macvangelical. On the Mac - everything works out of the box. And my office has an "employee deal" with Apple. So on Black Friday Apple gave the BF deal + my work discount and - presto. I own a rental-car-white MacBook upped to 1GB of memory. That's so if I run into problems my friends can't say, "Dude. 512?"

I was optimistic, I felt giddy, like Kevin Costner building a ballfield in his backyard. But I'm starting to wake up the fog - I bought a WHAT? Why does this only have a 60GB drive, is that more than any Mac user needs? Why can't I get anything done? Is it the Mac or is it me? It's the Mac, isn't it?