Tuesday, December 5, 2006


There's no right click button?

I guess I knew that going in, and I quickly learned the workarounds (CTL+click or two fingers on the pad + click) but why hasn't the Mac incorporated contextual menus? It certainly can't cost much to add another clicker. I started to think how stubborn Steve Jobs must be, refusing to adapt any Windows improvements. Then I mentioned it to a Mac dickhead who said, "I've never had even ONE occasion to use a right click."

So there's no right click because either Apple is stubborn or Apple thinks their users are idiots. Or both. Now I know why my Macfriends don't have problems with their machines - they don't use them. They use all factory settings and only tap about 5% of its capability. It's just a cute little plastic MacSpeak and Spell.

So what in hell am I doing here?


Dimitrios said...

And you somehow weren't aware that Macs *NEVER* had a right click button (other than the new Mighty Mice perpetuating a wannabe right click)?

Charles said...

With each new shiny omigod-you-can't believe-how-cutting-edge OS I think they'll catch up with Windows. Maybe in OS X Anaconda or Cougar. In the meantime I'm willing to entertain arguments why I can't do anything with a touchtone phone that you can't do with a dial.