Sunday, December 10, 2006

At least he spoke English good.

Are you guys shitting me with the printer installation? I haven't had this much fun since I tried hooking a daisy wheel printer to a Leading Edge 386SX.

It took me almost TWO WEEKS to finally print. I'm using a Brother 2070N Network printer. There are, of course, few to no actual instructions anywhere on the net, just conflicting advice. Brother's and Apple's sites are useless. The problem is I am consistently getting an Error: -50. Guess what? Apple's site does not mention Error -50 anywhere. That stuff is infuriating under any circumstance. You have an error message? TELL US WHAT IT IS OR DON'T HAVE AN ERROR MESSAGE.

And I am loathe to call for help because 1) I am loathe to call for help and 2) this problem involves a printer, a computer and a router which means that after failing to help me, they will blame one or both of the other two.

Turns out my pessimism was overly optimistic. I get the Apple guy on the phone (Canadian?). I explain what I'm doing. He walks me through the installation. We keep getting Error: -50. He explains how Error -50 means something is wrong with the printer driver and I have to call Brother. So I do. And they solve it in about five minutes.

What was wrong? Well first, the Mac "hassle free" installation has printer setups in two places - in the System Preferences and, buried under Finder\Applications\Utilities, Printer Setup Utility. The whole time I was in the Printer Setup Utility trying to install with the IP Printer instead of the Default Browser. What a jackass I am! How obvious was that?! Well, apparently not obvious enough for Apple Support since they didn't have a clue I wasn't even on the right page. Support scoreboard: Microsoft=0, Apple=0, Symantec=$39.95.

Printer installation. Please tell me what other inside jokes I'm going to run into.

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