Thursday, December 14, 2006

Isn't that where you shoot elephants?

I've been hearing a lot about SAFARI over the years from Mac users. Its elegance. Its sleeknees. It's a whole new world of browsing.

Any add-ons? Extensions? Improvements. Nope. Why improve on perfection. SAFARI is great. It's the browser for the user who has never experienced Firefox. Or Opera. Or Netscape. Yes, Safari may be superior to IE.

I work in an office building where Tech is constantly shutting down our Net fun. They're always one step ahead. You can't use Windows Messenger or AIM or ICQ to reach the outside world. Gmail chat, however, slipped under their radar and I could chat with my wife at home.

Then one day she disappeared. Tech is on to us. Fun while it lasted. But then one of my friends gave me the whassup on Gmail chat. Has just my wife been banned? How come we can't chat anymore?

Because she's using SAFARI, that's why. You can't use GMAIL CHAT with SAFARI. Why can't you use GMAIL CHAT with SAFARI? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T USE GMAIL CHAT WITH SAFARI. I read that they're going to fix it. That post was from February 2006.

All of this is really just to get a jump on Dickface who will say, "What do you need to use Gmail Chat for? IChat is perfectly fine." Would if I could, dude. Would if I could.

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