Wednesday, December 20, 2006

If Johnny buys 3 copies of Mac software, how much XP software could he have bought?

Tell me again why Quicken for Mac costs $60 and Quicken for Windows costs $30? Could it be because Windows users have a 2nd choice in Microsoft Money. You know, like competition?

It's DEFINITELY not because Quicken for Mac is twice as good as the Windows version, or even as good. Or even as good as any Quicken for Windows since 1999. Why can't I sort items by AMOUNT? Why can't I pop up a freakin' CALCULATOR? How am I suppose to reconcile downloaded items if I can't even MATCH the new ones to the old ones?? I looked up Intuit's own Q4M forums and, alas, Intuit's disdain for Mac users is well-documented. Here's a refrain I'm hearing. Intuit: Why should we care about making a product good for only 10% of the market. And multiply this by every piece of software I've run into.

Is there a decent alternative to Quicken for the Mac? I'm all ears. Or even some decent workarounds to its many shortcomings.

On a similar note -

NeoOffice is not the answer to my word processing needs. And Word for Mac is just plain weird. I only have a few more days on my Office "Test Drive" so I'll have to pick one of them soon. And I fear it will be Word and it will probably cost $78,000.

Note to Dickface: no, Appleworks or TextEdit will not do because I need some of the "features" in Word like styles, auto-numbering, tables - stuff that makes your Dickface head go swimmy-swim. But if I continue to hate Word maybe I'll just borrow your pencil and paper.

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Alisha said...

You're a baby. A big, contrary baby. If you didn't insist on hating your brand new beautiful Mac from the second you got it, you could probably be enjoying the ease with which you upload pictures of your beautiful baby. I meant your child, not you. Because you are a baby.